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Rev. Kola Ewuosho, my spiritual father, my boss and my mentor.

I first heard of the ministry while on NYSC camp in 1989 (Gomel, Kano). There was a fellowship in the camp and lots of my friends were always inviting me. I eventually came to WOFCC, Kano in 1991 and got born again there.

My first close experience with Rev. was in January 1992, when I was interviewed by him prior to securing a job in the ministry; I was to replace the person that was previously in charge of the Tapes Department. This was my first close experience of witnessing the Rev.’s faith life.

He said to me, “Wole don’t look to me for your salary”. I asked him, “Who should I look to?”, to which he replied, “We must both look to God” and quoted Jeremiah 17:5-8. Wow!

I reflect on that initial encounter and so many other fantastic and life changing experiences. Knowing you sir is truly an adventure of faith with God, and I’m eternally grateful.

The words of wisdom that flow from you are truly life changing and they have been used of God to unlock great things within me. Many words from you that are on marble include:

– “Wole, never go to God only because of your needs, always go to God based on His provisions.”

– “No man will enter destiny with undeveloped potential.”

– “Challenges are designed to reveal your potential; never run from them.”

– “Process is designed to unveil and deal with the state of our heart.”

I can go on and on sir. Thank you sir for modelling faith, commitment and obedience to God and family. Your humility is on another level sir, you are truly a man that trembles at God’s Word.

Pastor Wole Ogunnaike (WOFCC, Kano)

I’m privileged to learn from you; I’m still always learning and working with you sir. My family and I deeply appreciate your role in our lives and journey of destiny. We pray that you will not lose your reward and as your days are so shall your strength be sir; you shall continually enjoy God’s best in every area of your life, family and more nations in Jesus’ Name. Happy 60th birthday ‘Ogas’!

This is to say a big happy 60th birthday sir, on your diamond jubilee. May you experience the radiance of God’s presence sir in this new season. Thank you for bringing sons into destiny, of which I enjoy one of them. Thank you ‘Ogas’ for your dedication to God and His Word, you are a light set on high for all to draw light from. May you shine brighter sir. God bless more and more.

Pastor Simi Ogunnaike (WOFCC, Kano)


Happy 60th birthday to a true servant of God – Rev. Kola Ewuosho. What a joy to celebrate this landmark occasion with you sir. It’s a great priviledge to appreciate your fatherly role in our lives. We are thanking God for your ruthless obedience to God’s dealings over the decades, which has opened us up to service in the kingdom like never before. Before we joined the ministry in 1997 we were so timid, but you helped us to discover our giftings and develop them; you also provided a forum where we could deploy them. We cannot but mention Rev. Mother who has stood by you all these years. We pray for more grace to fulfil all that our Master Jesus has destined for you sir.  We have enjoyed and still do partake of your transparent leadership style hinged heavily on trust. We commit to standing by you, God helping us, to see His kingdom come in Nigeria and the nations of the earth, both in character and power. We love you and deeply appreciate you sir.

Enjoy this new season!

Pastors Bode and Bolajoko Bankole (WOFCC, Lagos)

Happy 60th birthday to you sir. Your commitment to kingdom values and dedication to your calling is so contagious, due to the purity of your heart of service. Thank you for your consistency sir.

I remember the first time I saw you in 1997; you impacted my life so much without even saying a word to me directly. It was your appearance on the podium that ministered to me. I saw that it is possible to serve God and still look good, unlike what we saw around in those days. From then on, each time you minister either in church or one-on-one, you always make deposits that reinforce my conviction of the call of God upon my life. Thank you for creating many unique platforms that enable Emilia and I to put expression to the giftings of God in our lives.  Your impact in our ministry and family life are immeasurable. We pray continued renewal of strength for you sir. As you enter this new phase may you experience a new level of anointing for greater exploits in Jesus’ Name.

We truly love and appreciate you sir.

Pastor Remi Owolabi, Minister Emilia Owolabi and the children (WOFCC, Kano)

I came in contact with this ministry sometime in October 2002 when deployed to serve the country in Kano State as a Youth Corps member.

Sometime in 2003, I was privileged to be a part of the protocol team at WOFCC, Kano, that received the Rev. at the airport and recall seeing a picture flash of an ‘Elijah and Elisha relationship’. I knew deep within that I would serve, learn and grow under his leadership.

Rev. Kola is deep, sound, anointed yet humble, content, ready to listen, teach and learn from whatever process God opens his eyes to. His hunger and passion to serve God, to see God’s purpose be fulfilled in the lives of others and to see lives transformed, are insatiable and contagious. His love, respect and honor for his wife (our dear mum – Rev. Funke) is matchless and exemplary.

As you turn 60, I reckon with the faith and prayers of FOWM family worldwide for longevity, more depths in wisdom, insights and an unrestricted outflow and outpouring of God’s favour and anointing. Certainly sir, the PJ would land soon.

Love from Kemi, Aviel and Adiel

Pastor Caleb Izedonmi (WOFCC, Lagos)

Sir, I salute the soldier in you – always overcoming evil and ready to do the Master’s bidding.

I salute the athlete in you – abiding by the Master’s rules, focused on the joy set before you.

I salute the farmer in you – always sowing choice seeds, grooming them and partaking of the harvests.

May grace empower you more and may you be inspired continually by wisdom.

Thank you for being God’s channel, and for creating a forum where diverse gifts can find expression.

Happy diamond jubilee.

Pastor Olabisi Akinwande (WOFCC, Abuja)

Happy birthday sir on your 60th birthday.

I praise God for your life and I use this opportunity to say a big thank you for all these years of impact and being a blessing to my family and I.

You will continue to celebrate many more years of glorious service in health and wealth, in Jesus’ Name.

God bless you.

Pastor Mike Elias (WOFCC, Abuja)

Isaiah 32:2 “A man will be as a hiding place from the wind, And a cover from the tempest, As rivers of water in a dry place, As the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.” (NKJV)

Happy 60th birthday to an extraordinary father, teacher, motivator, inspiration, mentor and Apostle to my generation. Dad, you are the most humble man of God I know – no airs or affectations! You have truly been a hiding place, a cover, refreshing river and a shade to me and for that I sincerely thank you sir! I won’t be what I am today without you and mum; I certainly won’t even have a house but for your counsel. That forum He told you to create? I am glad to be a part of it, and to be flowing with you and with Him in understanding.

So, on this momentous occasion of your 60th birthday, I celebrate God’s general! I bless you from the depths of my heart and spirit! May the Lord bless you for imparting grace and truth to me, and for impacting me! May the Lord repay you for all your seeds of obedience and reward you for your labor of love in Jesus’ Name! May you be richly blessed of the Lord God in all that you do, have, own and represent in Jesus’ matchless Name! May all you have in the house and in the field be blessed! May all who are yours be blessed! May the works of your hands GREATLY increase! May the Lord grant you many more glorious years in health and strength in Jesus’ Name!

Tessie Kuhe

Happy birthday sir. Thank you for answering the call to serve God several years ago. You have been a father to me and my family. Your examples of integrity, dedication and commitment to the call have made so much impact in my life. May the Lord continue to keep you and cause you to continue to transform lives. The Lord will grant your heart’s desires. You will celebrate many more glorious years in good health. Congratulations sir.

Kingsley Ilawagbon

We want to wish our dear Father in the Lord a happy 60th birthday. On this special day, we want to thank you for giving to the Lord so selflessly. Thank you for being a true shepherd to the congregation, accepting us regardless of our flaws and differences, walking and guiding us, and picking us up when we stumble and fall. By meeting you, the course of our lives have changed forever. We are more than happy to partner with your exemplary and visionary leadership, and a life dedicated to churching the unchurched and winning souls into the kingdom of God. As you attain this new level and age, we pray God continues to increase your wisdom and knowledge of him and his Word, and that your health and strength waxes stronger in the delivery of God’s Word and in the guiding of his saints. Happy Birthday sir! We love you dearly.

Word of Faith Christian Centre (WOFCC), Suleja

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