How to Handle Wealth for God's Purposes - Rev. Kola Ewuosho
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How to Handle Wealth for God’s Purposes

How to Handle Wealth for God’s Purposes

Wealth is playing a major role in many things on earth today.

Success is usually defined in terms of wealth, influence, popularity and the power wealth confers on its owner. The major ruling influence on earth today is wealth. It is the hidden agenda behind wars, politics and many religions today. Many are simply slaves to wealth. All the pornography and atrocities committed around the world are driven by wealth. It is observed that some people find it difficult to serve God because of their pursuit of money. Somehow it seems that those who are willing to serve God are not too concerned about serving wealth and those who are locked into wealth seem to have not much time for God. This needs to change.
We need a clear understanding of God’s purpose, perspective and plans for money or wealth in these last days. The love of money and the deceitfulness of riches are two traps that have the tendency to move people from one extreme to another. On one side of the extreme, some believe in being poor to be holy. The other extreme are those who think that without money nothing good can happen. So they worship money with all their livesWherever the love of money is, greed, selfishness and covetousness are found. These all lead to being deceived by riches. You may not have anything and still be deceived. If your value system in life is governed by acquisition of wealth, external showmanship and a display of affluence, especially if your internal character (based on your relationship with God) is not the basis or foundation for your riches, you are already deceived and need a radical shake up. There some things money can buy; others are beyond its reach. It can buy a house but not a peaceful home.
Such is the example in the bible in Mark 10, the story of the rich young ruler. Somehow this man knew that wealth had not given him eternal life. He came asking Jesus, what he could do to have eternal life. Mark 10: 17-30 gives the detailed account of this man’s encounter with Jesus. Jesus told him he lacked one thing! That one thing was the basis of all other things that he needed to deal with. Whenever we allow God to deal with us, He puts His loving hand on the main issues in our lives.

The main issue in this man’s life was his inability to give away what he had. His wealth had become his idol; it had a hold on him. To follow Jesus, he needed to be free from all things that held him down on his inside. His obedience could not be complete if his wealth had such a hold on him. Wealth has such a control over those who have it. Giving away what he had was a major key to his deliverance. His obedience to Jesus to sell all he had and give to the poor meant that he would have to strip himself of the status money conferred on him. It also meant that his value system would be radically affected. A truly rich man must be rich inside his heart with a generous heart. What you are able to give, with respect to what you give, is what determines your true wealth. Jesus was giving him the missing key. Giving was the key to being set free to truly serve God. He was asking this rich man to become poor for others to be rich.
What will be the outcome of such a life?
Eternal life, a life where God will be the source of all good things; and all that will make for a fulfilled life are made available. You will not build your treasures here but in the realms where they cannot be corrupted and will be free to take up your cross and follow the Lord with joy and peace. What has a hold on you can prevent you from fulfilling God’s will for your life. When people have wealth without God, usually it is the wealth that has them as its slave. The only way to prevent this from happening is to be willing to give it up at any instance in obedience to God. Subject your wealth to God in obedience. Giving is a kingdom key to true abundance.

In giving there is receiving. When we obey and give, we give God the chance to work in us a dependence on Him, a deliverance from selfishness, and to position us to let God provide for us supernaturally.

Rev. Kola Ewuosho
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