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Rev. Kola’s Articles








Get a fresh perspective on some of your challenges and be inspired by Rev. Kola’s teachings

"There we saw the giants (the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight" Numbers 13:33. The grasshopper complex is the mentality or mind-set that prevents full obedience to God through intimidation from other factors. We feel paralysed in the face of odds against God's will in our lives. The story from the book of Numbers shows us how God"s instruction to take the land was met with opposition in the minds of those who were to receive the promise. From God s perspective, the land had been given. How to take it practically involved a fight with the inhabitants, the strategy for that was yet to be given. Read Numbers 13 from the first verse. God told them the land was flowing with milk and honey and they found it so. Now God did not tell them...

There seems to be a 3-fold pattern for most of the things of God in the Bible. For example we see God revealing Himself as the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, each revealing a part of God’s nature and purpose in His processes for the human race. Each of His revealed identity captures something of His purpose and all three give us a more correct picture of God’s plans and purposes. The God of Abraham reveals the aspect of God as One who provides even in the most impossible situation. He is more than able to do the impossible when we believe, have faith in His Word (like Abraham) and participate in His plans for our lives. The God of Isaac is the One who expects us to walk in submission and obedience. Isaac was revealed as one who was in subjection to his father and all through his life God’s...

Every region of the earth has its peculiar demonic operations and these operations have seasons! A casual look around the world and hearing the news can easily show activities of demons peculiar to certain regions. The people in these regions have their part that they play for these activities to either be intensified or reduced. It is believed that evil spirits like remaining in certain regions of the earth as exemplified by the demons who asked Jesus not to send them away from a particular region.  It is also believed that evil spirits are disembodied spirits from the biblical pre-Adamic creation. They are generally unclean spirits, seeking to give expression to their nature through human beings. The more they take full control of humans, the greater expression they can give. They seek to oppress, depress or fully possess human beings. They demonise and influence in whatever way possible. They are relentless and...

The Year of Favour! Prophetic Word for 2015 THE YEAR OF FAVOUR! (Taken from 2014's Cross-over message by Rev. Kola Ewuosho) Introduction  As we wait on the lord to move in to the coming year, I just want you to know that, first of all it is necessary for us to give thanks; For the life that has been preserved For all the things that has happened in the year 2014: the good, the bad and the ugly. Our heart’s attitude should be that of thanks giving. It should be that of gratitude to God, for his faithfulness in our lives, in the lives of our families, and for the fact that we are alive today. God has a lot to say to us as we round up this year and come into the New Year and I can tell you straight away that the coming year 2015 is a year of; Ø  Restoration Ø  Demonstration...

The phase of the vision of  the Fountain of wisdom Ministries is such that we are entering a globalisation phase.  All our main churches are to become apostolic centres to take and hold the ground for God's kingdom in their territories. We need strong churches to influence their regions and be willing and able to go beyond their geographical regions. each church should be able to cater for at least one or more countries around. Each church should cater for DISCIPLESHIP IN THEIR REGION. For instance we set up FOUNTAIN NIGERIA to disciple Nigeria in regions beyond our churches, With the support of our churches FOWM OFFICES will seek to disciple, support local churches, raise partners, be on TV and radio where necessary and distribute magazines and materials for the purpose of discipleship. We hope to help to raise leaders in churches too. All our main churches put their support  into FOWM...