Entering into a Life of Obedience - Rev. Kola Ewuosho
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Entering into a Life of Obedience

Entering into a Life of Obedience

Obedience implies staying under and listening.

This is derived from the Greek meaning of the word. Job 22:21-30, says, “Acquaint yourself with Him and be at peace... Receive instruction from His mouth and lay up His Words in your heart.” In chapter 36 verse 11 we read, “If they obey Him and serve Him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures“. In Isaiah 1:19, we read, “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land“.

Obedience to God is the bedrock of progress in God. There are reasons why many vacillate in their obedience to God. One such reason is a lack of proper foundation in their life in Christ. To lay a right foundation is to have a heart commitment to revealed truth. Too many give only a mental assent to truth without a heart process. A heart commitment involves a process wherein the true state of your heart is made to have an encounter with the reality of God’s word.

Many harbour strife, pride, fears and unbelief in their hearts. These will hinder the process that God’s word will minister in your heart. You cannot deal with whatever you do not confront in your heart. And what you do not deal with will hinder the proper placement of the seed of God’s word in your heart and any matter not dealt with will deal with you.

At foundation level too, we need to have the understanding that we must have progressive insights in the things of God. PROCESS implies a journey, a progression, a moving from one stage to another as we mature.

The other factors for entering a life of obedience are the attitude, motive and focus of the heart. When these are put in place we can walk in obedience, taking his yoke and learning of Jesus. The power of the Kingdom of God is available to those who allow His Kingdom to be formed in their heart. Real spiritual work is a heart – work.

Our heart attitude should be humble, meek and lowly. Many have hearts that are neither teachable nor submissive. It is not what is in our heads that change us or produce real power, it is what is in our hearts that we act on that makes the difference. Our heart attitude should be as described by Matt. 5: 3-8. What is your heart attitude after a major victory or increased knowledge? Are you full of yourself? Full of your knowledge or of your opinion? We must be meek – total submission, humble and strong.

Our motive is love from the heart. Believing the best and unconditionally accepting others with the liberty to divinely confront as God’s wisdom directs. We are to seek the highest good of others, to build them up and see them fulfill God’s will for their lives. Our love should be first for God then others.

Our focus should be God. Looking unto Jesus the author and Finisher of our faith. Our relationship should be based on truth with our focus on God. Let others receive benefit from our willingness to serve and please God.

With these in place, entering a life of obeying the PROCEEDING WORD of God will not be a problem. A sensitive, prayerful heart will pick up a proceeding word from God. Whatever He SAYS to you, do it.”

Rev. Kola Ewuosho
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